Sjoelen (Dutch Shuffleboard) - Plans

The name for this old traditional Dutch game is Dutch Shuffleboard, Sjoelen or Jakkolo. It is played on a board called a Sjoelbak, however this is also known as a Dutch Shuffleboard or Schulbach. The many names are a testament to the game’s widespread popularity and longevity!


What You Will Need




To play Sjoelen you will need a Sjoelbak (shuffleboard table) of 198.755 length by 42cm width. Additional to this you will need 30 Sjoelbak Pucks. Some talcum powder is also recommended in order to keep a smooth surface for the pucks to slide along. Links for building your very own Sjoelbak, and information about our products will come soon.



Prior to the start of the game, players should decide on a point limit or time limit game.
The 1st player will attempt to slide as many pucks as possible through the arches at the other end of the table. Once the player has exhausted all 30 pucks, they then collect the remaining pucks. After all those have been played, they collect the remaining again and have their final turn. Once a total of 3 ‘sub turns’ has been played, the scores are tallied up, and the next player shall have their turn.

Although a common rule is that pucks that should rebound off the scoring slots all the way back to the starting rail are to be replayed, the rule is that the puck must be 100% clear of the starting rail on the player’s side. Furthermore any puck that has been thrown, or has fallen, clearing the starting rail is said to be ‘in play’ and is not to be touched, unless the puck:
– lands in a scoring section through means other than through the appropriate slot
– has jumped off the board
– lands ajar, or on another puck

In these situations, the puck is to be removed from the game until the next ‘sub turn’.



The arches are numbered 2, 3, 4 and 1 (left to right). Each puck in its respective slot adds to the total score by that amount, however if you get 1 puck in each slot, the score doubles (so if you had 1 in each it would be 20 points instead of 10).

The largest amount of points you can get is 148 (7 in each slot but 9 in number 4), however if you manage to succeed in this only after 2 ‘sub turns’ then 1 bonus puck can be used, thus making the maximum achievable total points 152.



A game of Sjoelen is a straightforward one. As it’s a game of skill, the best way to score high points is to concentrate, get a feel for the table and use your hand-eye coordination. Bashing the pucks as hard as possible down the runway rarely works!



Even though this game was invented centuries ago, it is still a favourite among clubs, school halls, families and parties. It is simple, yet addictive and despite what you call it, (Dutch Shuffleboard, Sjoelen, Schulbach..) this game will entertain young and old. View our products if you would like to play Dutch Shuffleboard in Australia.