Sjoelbak (Schulbach) Game in Australia For Sale

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Sjoelen is a competitive sport where the players aim to get as many points as possible by shooting their disks into appropriately marked slots.

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We stock the board, along with the Sjoelbak disks and many other accessories. Our products are made only using the highest grade material, and they are all 100% handmade.

A Sjoelbak is essentially the board that’s used for this game of Dutch origin. It’s called Sjoelen or Dutch Shuffleboard. In Holland, this game was invented sometime in the 19th century. Dutch Shuffleboard will provide countless hours of entertainment adults as well as children. Sjoelen is the perfect addition to any party, club meeting or other occasion! View an outline of how to play on our shuffleboard rules page.

Today, the game is gaining traction in countries across the world including Australia. The Sjoelbak game in Australia draws out the competitive spirit of the players. It’s very easy to pick up, but difficult to master. One big pleasure of playing this game comes from having the right kind of Sjoelen board. Sjoelbak Australia makes exquisitely handcrafted boards used in this game.

Quality Dutch Shuffleboards

Every board that is manufactured by us is made of the highest quality materials and is run through a series of stringent quality checks. The Sjoelbakken that we make are made to last and this is one purchase that provides excellent return on investment many times over. These hand made boards are sturdy and durable and can be handed down from one generation to the next. Dutch Shuffleboard can be played with friends and family and adds a lot of life and excitement to family get togethers and parties.

When you will settle for nothing but the best Sjoelbak game in Australia, talk to us. The boards come with a set of 30 pucks and you have the option to buy separate pieces too. If you need any more information about the game and our excellent products, simply contact us. View our products here.

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