Sjoelen – One of the Best Fun Family Games

Sjoelbak Fun Family Games

Sjoelbak is a very popular game of Dutch origin. It’s pronounced “shul-bac” and has been around for centuries, though it started gaining popularity in other countries only around the 19th century. It’s known by different names in different parts of the world- It’s called Jakkolo in Germany and Billard Hollandais in France while the British call it the Dutch Shuffleboard. This word Sjoelbak means – (slide and bak is board). It’s a game that is enjoyed by people of varying ages and can be played by children as young as 4 years of age.


The game- how it’s played


It’s a simple game with simple rules that are easy to understand and the game itself is easy to play. View the rules here. The only thing required to play this game is the 6 and a half feet wooden shuffleboard and the wooden disks. If you invest in a good quality Dutch Shuffleboard, it can truly last for ages and can be handed down from one generation to the next. Today, when people in Australia think of which fun family games they should play, Sjoelbak is the one that comes to mind. As mentioned earlier, this is because:


  • It a very easy game to play
  • Needs very simple props
  • Can be quickly set up anywhere
  • Excellent to keep the entire family engaged in a fun activity
  • Great return on investment as it can last for generations (when you invest in a good quality board)
  • Is easy to understand
  • Can be played by people of different ages and so becomes one of the best fun family games
  • Available online which provides buying convenience
  • They are elegant handmade boards and disks
  • Can be stored very easily. Though it’s a big board, it can simply be propped-up vertically against a wall, when it isn’t being used


These handmade boards are made from very high quality timber which is then buffed expertly to a shiny gloss finish. While it’s made of very hardy materials, it’s important to keep the board away from moisture as any kind of contact with water can warp the Sjoelbak board. The game has a set of beech wood disks. They have a slightly concave shape which helps them side very smoothly down the board. When you buy high quality disks, the longer you play, the better & faster they slide.


Buy the best

It’s one of the most enjoyed fun family games as there is a lot of strategy in it as well as rivalry to see who can score the most and end up the winner. Once you play this game, you are sure to get hooked. Its good, clean fun for the entire family. When you buy one of our excellent handcrafted Shuffleboards, you will find that it’s not difficult to get kids and adults alike, involved in fun family games.

For high grade shuffleboard tables and pucks, you don’t have to go further than Sjoelbak. You can write to us at this email address, or simply send us your query via this online form and we will reply within the shortest possible time.